Jun 14, 2009

Joint Adventure 2 / PORT PF NOTES

1.Walk Through Happiness (Lindstorm Remix-Prins Thomas Re-Edit) ♪
2.Oasis (Nide for Kita-horie Sunaga t experience Remix)
3.(I Could Feel You) Even In The Wind (DSK Guitapestry Mix)
4.Lilac (Fran-Key Remix)
5.Talk to Me, Baby (Idjuts Yellow Morning Mix) Remixed by Idjut Boys
6.You Gave Me A Love (DJ Kawasaki Remix)
7.Lilac (Tinyvoice, Production Remix)
8.With This Affection (Silent Poets Remix)
9.Dead Angel (Uchidub Take2") Live Dub Mix by Naoyuki Uchida
10.Midnight Rainbow Produced by Tomoki Kanda

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