Jul 10, 2009

Spectrum / 3 CHAIRS

2009.08.15 release(本当かな〜。。。
1. No Drum Machine Dpt2 (produced by 3 Chairs) 
2. When the Morning comes (produced by Theo Parrish)
3. Transit (produced by Moodymann) 
4. Roots of Detroit (produced by Rick Wilhite) 
5. Blue Out (produced by Theo Parrish) 
6. 3Chairs Theme Cpt2 (produced by 3 Chairs) 
7. War on Woodward ave. (produced by Rick Wilhite) 
8. Track2Track (produced by Moodymann) 
9. All Over (produced by 3 Chairs) 
10. Good Kiss (produced by Rick Wilhite)
11. OuterDrive (produced by Moodymann) 
12. Rain for Jimmy (produced by Theo Parrish)

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