Jul 7, 2015

Calm / Pining


from new album 『from my window』
"Pining" Official Music Video
written by Farr a.k.a. Calm

Release Info
Calm feat. Moonage Electric and Acoustic Ensemble | from my window
Music Conception (MUCOCD-027)
2,500JPY + Tax
August 5th 2015 on sale (in Japan)

1. Room with a View
2. Night Ride
3. Love Velocity
4. Floating Beauty
5. Cosmic Language
6. Shadow for Two
7. Ascending and Descending
8. Pining
9. Ocean Deep
10. Cosmic Wind
11. Pearls and the Sun

Original Ensemble
Tomokazu Sugimoto - Electric and Acoustic Bass (Night Ride, Floating Beauty, Cosmic Language, Pearls
and the Sun)
Toshitaka Shibata - Acoustic Piano (Night Ride, Cosmic Language, Cosmic Wind)
Yuichiro Kato - Sax and Sax Arrangement (Shadow for Two, Pining)

New Ensemble
Takashi Numazawa - Live Drums (Cosmic Wind)
Shinsuke Fujieda - Flute (Love Velocity, Ocean Deep)
Shiba - Trumpet (Cosmic Language, Ocean Deep)
Kakuei - Steel Pan, Percussion (Love Velocity, Shadow for Two, Cosmic Wind, Pearls and the Sun)
Ignat Karmalito - Qanun, Kalimba, Tambin Flute, Vocals (Night Ride, Ascending and Descending, Cosmic
Haruka Nakamura - Acoustic Piano (Love Velocity, Floating Beauty, Pearls and the Sun)

All other instruments, written, arranged, produced, recorded, mixed and
mastered by Farr a.k.a. Calm @ Delicious Paper Studio

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