Mar 28, 2009

ON-U Sound Crash

Bim Sherman / Slummy Ghetto

1. Jungle Pt.4(Dub Syndicate feat.Lee Perry)
2. Private Armies Dub(New Age Steppers)
3. 2 Thieves And A Liar(Gary Clail)
4. Liberty City(Mark Stewart+Maffia)
5. Man Of Mystery(Doctor Pablo)
6. Hey Ho(Dub Syndicate)
7. Dubbing Psycho Thriller(Dub Syndicate feat.Lee Perry)
8. Hole In The Roof(African Head Charge)
9. Stand Firm(Noah House Of Dread)
10. Chemical Head(Dub Syndicate)
11. Mind At The End Of The Tether(Tackhead)
12. Frontline Version/Tribulation Dub(Prince Far I,Creation Rebel,Bim Sherman)
13. African Blood(Congo Ashanti Roy,Singers&Players)
14. Virgin(Prince Far I,Singers&Players)
15. Beware(Creation Rebel)
16. Creation In A Iration(Creation Rebel)
17. Sellassie 1(Noah House Of Dread)
18. Conspiring(African Head Charge)
19. Jerusalem(Mark Stewart+Maffia)
20. Revolution(Bim Sherman,Singers&Players)
21. My Whole World(New Age Steppers)
22. Beneath The City Streets(Mark Stewart+Maffia)
23. Privatise The Air/Stadium Rock(Gary Clail,The Barmy Army)
24. Half Cut For Confidence/Jack The Biscuit(Gary Clail,Andy Fairley)
25. These Things Happen(Mark Stewart+Maffia)
26. Breaking Down The Pressure(Congo Ashanti Roy,Singers&Players)
27. African Space(Creation Rebel)
28. Slummy Ghetto(Bim Sherman)
29. The Dope(Creation Rebel)
30. In The Air(African Head Charge)
31. Dinosaurs Lament(African Head Charge)

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